Animal Glass Pipes

Our animal glass pipes are handmade, and one of our best selling products. These fun and whimsical glass pipes are a great addition to anyone’s collection and are necessary for even the most rudimentary pipe collection. As a first pipe, these make fun pieces, and they are also great as gifts. Animal glass pipes are difficult to make because they often involve different shapes and fun designs, but they certainly look impressive and belong in any true pipe fan’s collection. Additionally, they are not something that many people have, and so purchasing one as a gift is never a bad idea. They are quite different, and like all of our products, completely unique and handmade.

We use the highest quality glass for our pipes, and promise to craft you an awesome product that you can be proud to display. Our most popular animal glass pipe is the elephant, which has a unique shape perfectly tailored to smoking. These make impressive pieces, and amazing gifts for connoisseurs.